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Hurghada- Jazzie "in love" with Egypt

This is the site of my friendship to Egypt -Espacially the Sofitel in Hurghada.If you leave a hotel after having holiday the arcor company ask every guest,if everything was allrhight during the holidays.

So i do it on this way for a good hotel and all the people working every day very hard to make it possible that people ,like me have nice holdidays.So it will be a nice side for people they are interested in good hotels and a nice holiday region.

In Hurghada everyone can find all for sports and specialy for diving and all kind of watersport,like fishing snorkeling surfing, with allways good wind from the desert.Sailing and many more you can do on and in the water.Good food and entertaiment in discothecs shops and a nice seaside on the read sea.

And all over there the nice and friendly egyptan people,who make your holidays to an exeptionel time staying in this region.Thanks to Sofitel in egypt!

Hurghada and the sofitel

This is a view of the front of the hotel, arriving the hotel at night ...to get the pictures bigger you have to click on it.By car you need nearly about 15 minutes from Hurghada Airport to this nice Hotel. The intention of making this side was,that i met a lot of nice people in this Hotel.They are all very nice and kind and allround there is a great atmosphere.
this is the pool first from the hotel side.

Sunrise on the seaside read sea

Sunrise on the seaside read sea I will never forget this big moments in Sofitel
by the way during the day and if you stay you will meet my friend

Near the squash courts you find a small fitness and sauna center. In this center youfindon the right side of picure is Mr Fawzi the man for massage.He invites you for several kind of massage.The normal one, the Shihatsu and or the one for the reflex zone, or a specialy spirituel one.He has a nice and kind way to work to your body.You can have Sauna and Jacuzzi before you get the massage,He has special oils and all the things your body need to relax.I choose this way to say thank you Mr.Fawzi for your helping hands all the days.Allthough you met him in the evening show working with the animation team during the several shows in the Amphitheater.the sun goes down vieuw from inside the azur the bar one of the nice rooms in sofitel six of the barmen working during the day, out and inside bars. Some special greatings on this way to Medhat, Ashraf,Hassan,
The two Sayed, Ahmed and all the other ones of diner and lunch and discotec, beeing all the time very very kind and friendly. I can say it for many other guests, we give you a hand for your good work ,thank you.

The red sea is fantastic

Hany Mounir Tennis Coach. Let me tell you something about him. He was working more than 4 years in the hotel, for the tennis animation.He is the tennis and squash instructor.He is an egypt 29 years old and from Kairo.He is diplomated tennis teacher.On 5 tennis courts and 2 squash courts he invits you everyday for lessons.Every week on monday there is a tennis tournament,and every week on sunday,a squash tournement.
Hany Mounir speaks french,arabic,italian, french and a bit german,but he trys evry day to learn more.The tennis courts have not such a good ground in the moment but the managment is still working to change the courts to hardcourts.I have seen a lot of his work and i can tell you he is a real good instructor.
He teaches the new tennis style so that even good players can learn a lot.He does it in an nice and kind way so that a lot of people of the region and even from other hotels come and play with him.Where ever you meet him
in the hotel he is realy nice to everybody and helps you in all sport things.In the evening shows he is the man for the spot lights

no buisness like showbiz

I never forget singing in this egypt nights with you and aymen...I think, i will come to egypt soon.....i love it....
THE SHOW SPECIAL A Special about "one night in Chigago"
Show by the animation team of sofitel.During christmas time,the animation team started a new show.It was called "a night in chicago" and is only one of a lot of good shows the animation team in sofitel does. I was able to make some photos of the show and show it now to you. In one of the scenes you see the girls in their nice costums a work of Nabile.

The girls on this picture are members of animaton team during the show, form the left Kristelle,Tass, Karine, Silvia, Ibtissam,Anna on this picture you see the chigago Jazz Ensemble at work during the show. This week I got a Mail by Sax Player Phillipe and I was happy to hear something of this guys. And one person of the band members you know.I think,if you get close to the picture , it is someone you allready know...:-)))

Here are the boys in one photo it is Mohamed,Hisham;Hamid;Nico;Yacine;Youssif Mike;Hisham Singer;Nabile,Phillipe f.costume;Nabile f.decoration;Hani Bakir in white Horseman;Mehdi;Ahmed Hoyzyn;In this photo there is one who belongs not to animation team.that is the nice guy with the white shirt on the right.That bar-men Medhat. Allways smiling and gentle in his work.

The Rancho in Sofitel.
HANI BAKIR the `orsemanwith his crew.
He has 14 very good horses and a great area to work and teach wich his horses.Also he has camels.He is able to show the high culture of horse riding.  In the region he is famous for his good trained horses.On some days he does a show on the beach with Donald.It is great to watch.Even he works together with the anmation team of Sofitel.

Super Service in Egypt

Krystell bonjour a toi. Je pense tout jour sur notre mariage.Thanks for the invitation.
AymanSamir the piano player i hope the squash racket will work well. :-))),
Best reguards to Hesham Hamad the singer he sounds like Frankie boy and he could be the brother of Football star Ronaldo.
Youssef Benchala a nice guy,he is the the great and modern music playing DJ in Sofitel. I got some brandnew stuff for you :-))) they are the greatest Squash players in Egypt. I think, its all times funny to play with you.
Sayed the bar men, Medhat bar men, Ahmed bar men, Ahmed the sailing instructor, Chrissi the surf instructor of Happy Tours.

Dream of being apartment owner in Hurghada

Fulfill you dream of your own apartment or studio apartment in Hurghda. Near the Egyptian desert, not far from the airport Hurghda away you will find holiday apartments in front of the Red Sea- A dream beach with in the meantime many Hurghda property apartments for rent. The property offers are good and cheap. The dream of an own apartment can be implemented in Egypt for property investors at the very moment very favorable. Even for families with children, whether to buy or rent, the apartment prices in Hurghada's absolutely affordable.

Why should I buy a vacation home or apartment in Hurghada?

All year long there are Hurghda guaranteed sunshine. The City of Hurghada offers the best shopping opportunities. Self can buy good and cheap.

Whether the baker, butcher or supermarket. Stable prices and friendly staff guarantee a wonderful holiday in Hurghada. For apartment owners ensures a reliable property management for peace order and cleanliness in the apartment complexes of Samra Bay.
The apartments Malaki Club and Residence Abrim are among the finest resorts in Hurghda apartments. Shop at the Golden Mile of New Hurghada and go right around the corner in Samra Bay Resort Apartment living, more beautiful vacation can not be. Bathe at the red sea, diving, sailing, horseback riding, surfing, and a relaxed evening look from your own balcony ,onto the Red Sea Riviera.

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